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Khe dễ thươngThe Jobs and Skills Exchange (JSE) provides Victorian Public Service (VPS) employees with priority access to job opportunities across the VPS. Roles can be fixed-term, casual, seasonal and secondments.

Khe dễ thươngThe JSE aims to enhance workforce mobility, skills development and career opportunities.

Khe dễ thươngThe JSE was established in July 2019 to make it easier for staff to find internal opportunities and for hiring managers to find talent within the VPS.

Khe dễ thươngIt supports a more modern, flexible, high-performing and agile public service.

  • If you are an existing public servant visit the .
  • If you’re from outside the VPS visit , which remains the home of Victorian public sector jobs and career opportunities.

The JSE is delivered by the Victorian Public Service and is supported by the Victorian Public Sector Commission and the Community and Public Sector Union.

The JSE sits within the Department of Premier and Cabinet.

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Jobs and Skills Exchange

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