The Premier

Khe dễ thương The Premier is Victoria’s head of government.

Khe dễ thươngThe Premier is the leader of the political party that won most seats in the last election, and then appointed by the Governor of Victoria.

The Premier's role

  • Leadership of the Parliament
  • Being the Chief Minister and Chair of Cabinet
  • Choosing ministers and allocating portfolios
  • Representing their electorate
  • Portfolio responsibilities
  • Being the main channel of communication between:
    • the Governor and Cabinet
    • the Victorian Government and other state and territory governments
    • the Victorian Government, the Commonwealth Government and overseas governments

The Premier is expected to have a vision for Victoria that addresses the big issues and includes plans for the state's continued prosperity.

Our current Premier

The Hon Daniel Andrews MP is the current Premier of Victoria, and the Leader of the Victorian Labor Party.

Khe dễ thươngHe was sworn in as the 48th Premier of Victoria in December 2014.

He was reelected in the 24 November 2018 election.

Reviewed 23 July 2019

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