Value creation and capture framework

Maximising social, economic and environmental value from infrastructure investment.

Victoria is a great place to live. Our liveability is the reason why we are the fastest growing state in the nation, with more than 2,000 people moving here every week.

Khe dễ thươngWe have to make sure that our investment in world-class infrastructure and services grows just like our population is.

Khe dễ thươngThat's why the Victorian Government developed Victoria's Value Creation and Capture Framework.

Khe dễ thươngValue creation and capture has the potential to:

  • improve productivity
  • increase access to jobs and employment
  • enhance public amenity
  • unlock commercial activities

Khe dễ thươngThe framework focuses on getting better value for Victorian taxpayers' money from all future infrastructure projects.

It describes a consistent, concerted approach to assessing and increasing the economic, social and environmental benefits of investments in Victoria.

Khe dễ thươngIt will be applied to a variety of sectors including transport, health, housing and education.

Khe dễ thươngIn future, when building infrastructure or developing precincts, government will be:

  • enabling economic opportunities
  • building green space
  • increasing community services, housing and education opportunities
  • creating more value for the community than would otherwise be the case

The Value Creation and Capture Framework provides guidance to all government departments, business, industry and community sector partners on ways that government will generate more industry and skills development, affordable housing, open spaces, community facilities and energy efficiency from future projects.

VCC framework guidelines and templates

Khe dễ thươngThe following documents can be used by government project and precinct sponsors to apply the Value Creation and Capture Framework.

VCC Framework Guidelines

Information and guidance on when and how to complete each template is contained in the VCC Framework Guidelines document.

VCC templates

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